I am currently in the town of Landers, California, in a house off a dirt road which you need the latitude and longitude coordinates to find.  Basically I am in the middle of the Mojave Desert and it is beautiful.

I have noticed that the nearest place to buy really anything is 5 miles away, a liquor store which doubles as a market.  The selection is obviously limited.  There is a Von’s about 10 miles away, but I am not so sure about its existence given its location on the map looks even more remote than my current location.  I get the impression that the population in this area need to drive a decent distance in order to buy really anything from a storefront.

It makes me wonder what kind of market exists for ecommerce in remote areas.  Although the population density is not substantial, you would think the participation percentage would be significant.  If I owned a store that served such a population, I certainly would look into ways to partner with ecommerce companies or even start my own website storefront to deliver goods or have them ready for pickup at the brick and mortar storefront.  When ecommerce offers convenience to a city dweller how much more so to those outside of populated areas.  

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Chuck Berger

I partner with industrial companies to develop real estate strategies and solve real estate challenges. Based in Orange County, California, USA. Find me on Twitter @chuckberger and on LinkedIn at

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