New Format + Latest News in SCRE

I am excited to announce that after experimenting with post formats, I have decided to proceed with a new blog format which I think delivers timely information in a succinct and easy to follow structure.  Moving forward, the blog will be separated into two sections.

The first section will consist of a single topic which directly relates to supply chain and real estate.  Here I will cover, in as depth a manner as necessary, some of the latest trends and technologies I am seeing and hearing about.

The second section will consist of an aggregation of links to information which I have found over the past week to be interesting and thought provoking.  The links will be categorized to make navigation simple.

The reason I have decided on this format is two-fold.  One, selfishly I am using this blog to learn more about topics pertaining to my everyday business.  Therefore, don’t expect too much discussion on the banalities of industrial real estate here.  I wouldn’t be honest if I wrote about those.

Secondly, I do care about making this blog accessible and encouraging readers, including myself, to use it as a resource.  There are a number of great resources which cover supply chain issues or real estate issues.  I want to combine the two effectively.

Since I have blabbered on about the structure of this blog, which adds no value to your day at this point, I thought I would include the section with the past week’s SCRE links below.  Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts!

SCRE Links

Distribution Centers

From the Journal of Commerce: One reason for falling freight traffic may be the high levels of inventory

From Industrial Distribution: Werner Electric Supply uses custom pick module and warehouse design to double sales

From the Wall Street Journal: Warehouses Getting More Complex


From the Harvard Business Review: What politicians won’t talk say about manufacturing and trade


From the Journal of Commerce: POLB head says competition getting fiercer

From Modern Materials Handling: Panjiva reports lower US bound water shipments in March

From the LA Times: Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are losing market share to the east coast

From the Journal of Commerce: Real estate driving shippers to Savannah


From the Journal of Commerce: Survey says…more shippers shifting to rail

Industrial Real Estate Market

From RE Business Online: US approaches historically low levels

 Lease Accounting

From Cushman & Wakefield: In Lease Accounting Changes: CRE to take Center Stage

From PwC: Overhaul of Lease Accounting

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