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As part of my research for the Global Logistics Specialist designation from California State University Long Beach, I have learned about certain metrics used by supply chain professionals in order to measure how their operations helping them meet their company’s objectives.  These metrics are commonly in the form of what are called key performance indicators, or KPIs for short.  For most experts, all KPIs are metrics but not all metrics are KPIs.  In order for a metric to be a KPI it must measure how well a company is meeting its objectives.  For example, a metric measuring cost of inventory in transit would be a KPI to a company trying to reduce their inventory holding costs.

For logistics professionals, it is beneficial to have awareness of how real estate might impact your company’s objectives and, if possible, its KPIs.  With an understanding of how the real estate impacts the KPIs, the logistics professional  will be able to more accurately determine what type of property will help them achieve their company’s objectives.

Using the standard metrics and definitions provided by WERC, MESA, and SCE[1], I have added the real estate components which might impact the following:

Warehousing Metrics Table 5.11.16

Supply Chain+ Real Estate Week in Review

Here are the stories I thought were interesting, categorized by topic and subtopic and in alphabetic order by topic.  Just click on the hyperlink to open the story.


Barrons on Amazon’s freight deal and where will they stop 

Transport Topics on Amazon leasing 20 more jets

Journal of Commerce speeding up fulfillment


Food Logistics on concerns that the east coast ports are not ready for the Panama Canal

An opinion piece in the Daily Bulletin by John Husing, an Inland Empire economist working with the POLB, on the economic case for an Inland Empire inland port 

Journal of Commerce on Congress pushing for west coast labor talks between ILWU and PMA

The Maritime Executive on the FMC convening a port congestion panel

Journal of Commerce on the Port of Savannah helping shippers weigh containers for free

Wall Street Journal on the loss of US import share on the west coast

Business Insider on the impact of the new Panama Canal

Wall Street Journal on CMA pulling the plug on big ships for west coast ports


Journal of Commerce on intermodal growth looking to accelerate


Food Logistics on Target’s investment in technology to boost its food transparency

Food Logistics on Target cracking down on its suppliers to improve its supply chain

Transport Topics on shippers feeling the rate increases by railroads


Journal of Commerce on exporters and container lines pushing to win the SOLAS game

Journal of Commerce on railroads accepting containers without VGM

Supply Chain Real Estate

NREI 17 Top Performing Industrial Markets in US

Costar on 1Q 2016 Industrial Property Sales

Area Development on Sale-Leasebacks


Material Handling News on hypermodal systems and the internet of things in logistics


Politico on Rep. McConnell’s pessimistic view on passing TPP this year


Journal of Commerce on shippers concerns that ELDs regulations will constrict capacity

Transport Topics on Roadrunner’s net income down 77% in the 1Q

Food Logistics on weak long haul demand reducing class 8 truck orders

Journal of Commerce on California offering amnesty to drayage companies who “properly” categorize drivers

Journal of Commerce on drayage companies lack of interest in amnesty from California

Transport Topics on zero-emission electric drayage trucks coming to California

San Bernardino Sun on the rising call for dedicated truck lanes in Southern California

Transport Topics on freight rates remaining under pressure

Transport Topics on lawmakers urging the head of the FMCSA to delay safety fitness determination rulemaking

Journal of Commerce on TL carriers struggling to reduce capacity


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