Keeping Track

Everyone seems to have different ways of keeping track of their obligations, daily events, etc. so I thought I would share what I am currently using today. Of course, I am always open to suggestions for improvement.


Every morning at 5:45 AM I have a scheduled block of 15 minutes to create a note within Evernote for the day. That note is a template which has four sections:

-What did I learn yesterday?

-What kind of experiments do you want to run today?

-Today’s most important question

-Today’s notes

The first three sections incorporate some of the best suggestions for awareness and learning I have run across. The fourth obviously is to keep track of what happens during the day.

Evernote also allows you to upload handwritten notes in searchable formats, which is a necessity because I often am unable to take notes within the program for various reasons.


My company has a customized version but most companies I encounter these days use Salesforce for customer relationship management. I keep all of my business related information and task-tracking here.


Things is a task tracker I use on my iPhone to keep track of mostly personal tasks I need to complete during the week. I have tried so many task trackers over the years and Things provided the most utility and functionality.

Gantt Charts in Excel

Over the years I have utilized gantt charts for numerous projects because they can accurately delineate, schedule, and track each step in a project timeline. The excel templates made by Vertex42 are really good and worth the money if you use gantt charts frequently.

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Chuck Berger

I partner with industrial companies to develop real estate strategies and solve real estate challenges. Based in Orange County, California, USA. Find me on Twitter @chuckberger and on LinkedIn at

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