What Power

7 key points to help verify the electrical supply of an available industrial building will meet an operations requirements

Trust, but Verify

Important information should always be verified, even if from reliable sources. Companies must prioritize the information they verify in industrial real estate projects.

Blend and Extend in a Landlord’s Market

The blend and extend lease renewal can be an advantageous transaction for both the Landlord and Tenant in markets favorable to the landlord or tenant. In either case, it is important for each party to quantify the positive and negative aspects of a proposed blend and extend transaction, especially its financial impact to each respective organization.

Navigating Industrial Land Use through an Increasingly Difficult and Complex Entitlement Environment

Navigating Industrial Land Use through an Increasingly Difficult and Complex Entitlement Environment

Maintenance Responsibilities for Industrial Occupiers

One of the main areas I recommend industrial occupiers pay close attention to in lease negotiations are the responsibilities of who maintains, repairs, and replaces building systems and components under a lease. Leases follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of lease…

Layout of Supply Chain Real Estate

Why Building Layout Matters At its very basic level, the industrial building is two dimensional, meaning that it consists of a width and a length, or widths and lengths if irregularly shaped. While three dimensional topics such as clearance heights…

The Basics of Cold Storage Real Estate

Cold or refrigerated storage is a specialized industrial real estate product type which plays an important role in the global cold chain and greater worldwide supply chain. As the name would imply, cold storage is simply the storage of goods…

Is Warehouse Demand Shrinking?

On June 22nd the Journal of Commerce (JOC) published an article titled "Long-awaited US inventory drawdown spotted" where they state in the first sentence, "Lower US inventories would be a boon from coastal ports to heartland highways". The notable exception…

Bays and Column Spacing

As part of my final project for the Global Logistics Specialist program at California State Long Beach (GLS Website), my team and I determined the cubic capacity and utilization for an entire network of fictitious warehouses run by a fictitious…

Fire Sprinkler Systems and Industrial Real Estate

As a supply chain real estate practitioner, I always encourage my clients to engage the services of a qualified fire sprinkler consultant or similarly qualified employee when they evaluate the suitability of a real estate option.¬†While experts should be consulted,…

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